Can I back up the My drive connect application on my computer hard drive to my back up hard drive?

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I cant find a way to proceed


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Taffy6984

    Why would you want to back it up?

    If your computer crashed and you replaced it you would just download the software to the new PC and when you log in all you information will be there when it connects to the Tomtom servers.

    The same applies if you use the MyDrive website.

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    Hi all


    I'm not sure I understand your question correctly.

    You can save the MyDrive Connect (MDC) installation file, but it's just a file that changes regularly. You will find it here:

    MDC must be installed on a computer to work, with installation of the TomTom driver, use of complementary components like Visual C +++, etc ... It's not a "portable software"/"portable App" usable from a USB flash disk.

    Your GO520 is a Wifi device so you don't need MDC for your updates.
    For your type of device MDC only allows to use the internet connection of a computer to replace the Wifi if it is too weak, especially for map updates and NavCore.

    Maybe you're talking about MyDrive, the Route Planner, it's an internet link, a web page:
    An App exists for smartphones under android or Apple IOS:
    To receive instructions from MyDrive App, your GO 520 must share the Internet connection of your Smartphone via Bluetooth.