I purchased a tomtom water resistant 5ATM, Mode: 8RG0, FCC ID: S4L8RG0, IC: 5767A-8RG0

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Will it be possible to order a strap replacement for this golf watch? Thank you!


  • lampard
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    Hi @Huaying14741

    Sorry for my late reply! We no longer sell the Golfer 1 straps so your only option is to search online on third party sites. If you cannot find a Golfer 1 strap, it is best to do an online search on "TomTom Multi-Sport strap". The watch modules have the same shape. A Golfer 2 module is different.

    Regards, lampard
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    This answer puzzles me, because my watch has exactly those markings quoted by the OP and yet it is supposed to be a Golfer 2. So now I'm wondering if I have been sold a pup. It might explain why it isn't very satisfactory!