GoLive-1005 Camper edition does not connect to MyDrive Connect

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I have a GoLive-1005 Camper edition does not connect to MyDrive Connect but I can manage the contents of the community and insert the customized ones. I tried to reset it and start it after hearing the music, in short I tried them all ... in practice I would like to fix the WNRO error ... maybe updating the satellites and the navcore .... how can I do? Thank you


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    Firstly, If you are running Win10 on your PC try the Win10 Troubleshoot to fix a USB port error
    With MyDrive Connect running AND your device plugged in AND turned on
    Press the 'Windows button' + R to open the run command window
    Type "Control Panel" in the Window... Click OK
    The Control panel opens
    Click on the Devices and Printers Icon
    The 'Devices and Printers' window opens

    (1)... Right Click on the Tomtom Icon and select “Troubleshoot”
    (2)...Right Click on the Remote NDIS Compatible Device Icon and select “Troubleshoot”
    Follow the on-screen instructions

    If the troubleshooter finds and fixes a USB error

    Restart your PC (Not Turn Off & Turn On again)
    Run MyDrive Connnect (Without your device connected)
    Connect & Turn on your device...