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  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi @PauletteMaria

    I can understand that you are upset by all these failures but don't give up. Plus, with all these failed downloads, a customer service action might be needed again. :anguished:

    Have you tried to do a total exception for MDC in your firewall?

    If you use the firewall Avast see my previous post:

    But perhaps you use the Windows firewall enabled by default? See here how to do an exception, do it for private and public networks:

  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,982

    Can you have another look @VikramK to see if there is anything you can see. @PauletteMaria has tried very hard to sort matters out.

  • PauletteMariaPauletteMaria Posts: 25 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hello LAURE123, I must say, I missed your previous post. I will get into that. This could be tomorrow, but I keep you posted.
  • PauletteMariaPauletteMaria Posts: 25 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hello LAURE123,
    - I did the exclusion for the MDC.exe file
    - I don't have a VPN
    - Windows firewall is managed bij Avast
    - the device not connected, I deleted the cache and saved settings
    - Then quit MDC
    - soft reset: ok
    - connect device : difficult to connect, it says, no internetconnection, but I have. Only when I go the the interneticon down right I see beside my own internetconnection another one, but there it says: unknown internetconnection, identifying, not connected. The letters are in light grey, so I can't click it.
    - But still after a while i was connected and I could delete the corrupted map( You're ready to go). I wished this was true!
    - I tried to add one more voice and this semmed to work, although I can't check it (this all seemed to work even though in my internetconnection, there was still the unknown one with no connection ( has this to do with a LAN connection? Because Ithink I changed something there.
    - For the moment I'm downloading the map, but I have to leave soon.

    Keep you posted..
  • PauletteMariaPauletteMaria Posts: 25 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hello LAURE123,
    Sorry to say but it failed again at 9%.
    It's this "unknown network, no internetconnection that troubles me.
    All former updates on different traffic systems went ok wireless. Tomorrow I will look for an UTP cable with 2 RJ-45 ends.
    Thanks anyway for your help and everybody else on this page.
  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi @PauletteMaria

    Sorry for you. :disappointed:

    With a RJ45 wired connection I hope it will work better. If possible connect your PC to its AC charger (not on battery). Disable the sleep function (energy saving) of your PC during download time. Please, download the map alone.

    What you describe seems to me to be appropriate. Apart from the gray letters for the unknown connection... If I click on these letters, which are not gray on my PC, I can see byte exchanges during the download.

    This unknown connection is your GO6000, not connected it's normal too. Our TomTom devices are identified as Network Adapters (removable), not USB storage devices.
    Screenshots of my PC and my GO5100 connected. Sorry it's in French. :3

    Check the TomTom driver, your GO6000 must be connected to the PC to see it.
    in ==> Control Panel/DeviceManager/Network Adapters/ you must have a "Remote NDIS compatible device" (or "TomTom") with W10/ Right click on it, check if it's activated (if you see the choice "Disable" it's OK)
    See this Video to update the driver if needed:

  • PauletteMariaPauletteMaria Posts: 25 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hello LAURE123,

    Tomorrow I'll look into that. Thanks again. No problem with the French language (I'm Flemish and I learned a few languages). Good night Laure
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,917 Moderator
    Hi @PauletteMaria

    I am unable to find the device linked to your account now? Strange..

    Could you send me the serial number please through a private message, please?

  • PauletteMariaPauletteMaria Posts: 25 [Legendary Explorer]
    edited April 2019
    Hello VikramK,
    Think I know the reason: I remembered I used an older Tomtom device and after I bought the Go 6000 I couldn't delete the old one or I couldn't add the new one, I forgot, but anyway I used another email address until the old device was deleted (I think I asked tomtom customer support to do that for me, I'm not sure). So now I use the former email address.
    The serial number is QQxxx7Y00xxx34
    I keep seeing my Tomtom Device (in Networkadapters: remote NDIS compatible Device) as "unknown network, no internet connection", even when it is downloading, my normal wireless internet works fine. I tried it this afternoon with UTP cable RJ-45. Still same result.
    And finally, stressed as I am, the device fell out of my hand, and now the glass is cracked. Incredible while it fell on a carpet. I think it's a sign!!! I have to let go.
    But I still want to thank you and all the others for the help that was offered.

    Mod edit: Please don't post private or personal information on a public forum.Thanks!
  • PauletteMariaPauletteMaria Posts: 25 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hello LAURE123,
    I see "Remote NDIS compatible device". Looking further into that, it says my device requires further installation. So I updated the driver. That worked all right.
    But still it remains "unknown network no internetconnection", which I can't click.
    Plus this afternoon, the device fell out of my hands and now the glass is broken as well.
    I give up! But not before thanking you and others for the help.
  • PauletteMariaPauletteMaria Posts: 25 [Legendary Explorer]
    DougLap Hello, thank you too for your help!
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