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I connect go premium x to the pc by cable and i open tomtom home but it doesn't see the navigator, why? How i Connect go Premium x to tomtom home? I want to make a backup thanks


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    HI @Gexxxy

    The GO Premium does not work with Tomtom Home.

    The GO Premier is a Wifi device and during set up you input the Details for your Broadband router and the unit then connects directly to the Wifi and does all the updating etc that way with no connection to the PC.

    If you download Tomtom 's MyDrive Connect software to your PC you can use that to help updating your GO Premium if your Wifi download speed is limited. But all you do is start the software on your computer then connect the Premium and use the menu controls on the Premium to do the update etc whilst the MDC software is running in the background. The Premium unit is only using the PC as a Wifi source.

    You do not back these units up the same way as you did with the old units in Home.

    There is a MyDrive Webpage where you can create routes and send to your Premium or save them athere and then synchronise them to your unit. You can also import POI files and Route files into the MyDrive website and then sync them to your Premium. In the event that you have to do a factory reset on your premium the Route, POI files and your favourites that you have created on your premium are saved in the MyDrive and are there to be restored to your unit. So in a way that is a backup.

    If you Go to the Discussions forum and Click on Categories top Right under Ask a Question then scroll down the 7th Major Icon down is Videos . If you click on that you will see lots of Videos that can help you see what you can do with you Premium.