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In google maps it gives me of suggestions of where say Coffee Shops are or Petrol Stations, so at least I know where I can get fuel etc. But also if I need to stop for a coffee I can see where there is say a Coffee Shop. For some reason my TomTom Rider shows nothing? Example on Google I can get it to show Coffee Shops Near me. Does TomTom not do this


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    HI @Babypink

    I assume you are referring to a Rider 400 you mention in an earlier discussion.

    If you tap Menu, Tap Search and then type Coffee or Coffee Shop what do you get as results. If you tap the Blue keyboard bottom right on search page you have 2 columns. The Right hand one is POi's near to you.. There will likely be about 60 Poi's you can scroll down.

    If when you tap Search You then Tap Whole Map top Right you can change the search criteria to near a town or Near you or Along a route if you have one planned on the map or Near a LONG/LAT position or near the Destination of the route you have on the map.

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    Searching... Built-in POI Categories

    Rider 400 User guide....

    The list of Searchable built-in POI Categories starts at Page 61