ONe 3rd device TomTom not working

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Hi. I have a TomTom One 3rd Edition that won't work anymore. I contacted the helpline and was advised to do the following:
1. Go to
2. Select Products and Services
3. Select is option -
4. Select New Device...… and so on.

I created a TomTom account recently, and tried to log in, but having difficulty doing so. Also, can't work out where the products and services tab is that I'm supposed to select so as to continue with the steps I've been told to follow. I'm clearly not IT savvy and any help I can be given is much appreciated before I resort to having to buy a new sat nav that I can ill afford :-)


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    Apologies for typo in no.3 - it should read: 3. Select 1st option drivers
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    Hi @MonaE

    I see the device is linked to your account.

    Do you have TomTom HOME installed on your computer now?

    You say the device is not working, what exactly happens?