TomTom App V Dedicated SatNav

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Hi, I currently have a 5100, and normally upgrade every 3 or so years. However the 5200 didn't seem much of a huge step up, and the more recent premium device just appears to be a re-branded 5200. My question is, I always have high-end mobile phones with plenty of data allowance, as such it's likely to be far higher cpu, ram, and screen specifications than any tomtom device. But is the app any good? Are the traffic updates as good, are the maps as accurate, etc? Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


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    It depends on your needs, the features that you use mostly.

    A good start is to read the user manual and see if it suits you...
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    jonnhol wrote: »
    But is the app any good? Are the traffic updates as good, are the maps as accurate, etc?
    You can trial the app and all the features and all the maps for free for up to 75km per month of navigation, so there is no need to spend any money until you are very comfortable with the product.
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    No brainer. I stopped buying stand-alone TomToms several years ago.


    Not having to fork up cash for a stand-alone.
    Contacts integrated with your phone.
    Load TomTom destinations from your NON-Goggle calendar. I use a DigiCal widget.
    Plan routes from wherever you are before you leave either on the phone or MyDrive.
    Easier to travel with. if you have your phone, you have nav.
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    Both stand alone and smartphone GPS app's have there place.

    Don't get me wrong TomTomGo is a very good app.

    But I do not have all the hotels I stay in on my phone's contacts.
    I know where most of my contacts live and do not need GPS for that.

    But on my stand alone every hotel I have been to is there for me to bring up.
    And I travel a lot in Europe.

    TomTomGo is very good from Short travel.

    Stand alone units are good for a 4 hour plus trip.

    Most good stand alone units have Bluetooth so you can connect to your smartphone if you want.

    You buy a stand alone and it comes with everything.

    Speed cams,
    Lifetime maps,
    A good size screen,

    etc, etc all for one price.

    Problems come up with smartphone GPS apps when calls coming in.
    Or someone Whatsapping you or you want to hear music.
    Can cause hiccups with the GPS app.

    You want traffic and speed cams you need data connection.

    Plus the screen is too small so just hearing voice commands is the best and you keep your eyes on the road.

    Not needed with a stand alone unit it is at eye level and easy to glance over at the screen.

    Having you smartphone on a charger the whole time and the hot sun beating on it not too good.

    Stands alone can take a lot of punishment.

    Both have there place it all depends on your use for them.