Start 25 "waiting for a valid GPS signal"

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Device updated today with all suggested updates Still not connecting to GPS. Clock will not sync.
My Tomtom drive says "your device is uo to date".

Plain, its not working!


  • francesmx
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    I'm in the same position (with a Start 60). Everything up to date. I've reset. Still no signal. Clock won't sync.
  • francesmx
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    Okay mine is working now. I had to go fully outside the house, try and set a route, and eventually I got a signal after a few minutes. My clock is now synced.

    Check you've got the latest firmware on your device. If you've got 12.075 (I think that's right but double check for your device), you should be okay. If it's still not working, it looks like you might have to do a factory reset.
  • VikramK
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    There have been cases where our customers have reported GPS issues on the NAV3 devices post 6th April 2019.

    If these devices have the firmware version 12.075 installed then just take the device outside under the open sky- Do a soft reset and try planning a route.

    It should be able to get the GPS signal.