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I started to update my Tom Tom 25 as advised and it just went blank and would not start. I forced it to start but it does not stay on and when it is on I just get a picture of a Tom Tom screen with arrows going around it. It then turns off again. My Drive connect is still saying I need to update but when I connect my device it does not recognise it. Any help please? Everything was ok until I did what I was told by Tom Tom!

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  • Megan8
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    I agree Emma9219, it is very strange especially as I kept getting emails to update to a new Tomtom.

  • Emma9219
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    Yes Megan8 it is strange that everyone's Tomtom, just by coincidence , will no longer work after using Mydrive Connect. they must think we are stupid enough to go buy a new one. I will buy a new GPS, but it won't be a Tomtom.
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    Exactly the same thing happened to my Start 25 about a month ago when I tried to update it. I started a thread on here asking for help with it and they had absolutely no solution, just some excuse about the internal memory not being compatible with the update or something.

    I asked if there is any solution to the problem and they didn't even reply. I have read several cases of this happening around the same time so clearly something strange is going on here.