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UK Smart Motorway variable speed limits

Jay_Cee_99Jay_Cee_99 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
Hi. My Tom Tom is part of my Renault R-Link system (not sure whether that makes a difference, but just in case) and when I travel on one of the new Smart motorways, it pings contantly, telling me I’m driving over the speed limit, when I’m not. The way the Smart motorways work is that during the peak hours, the speed varies, to keep the traffic flowing equally, but at all other times they are at the national speed limit of 70mph. Tom Tom keeps telling me, at all times that I am going over the limit and tells me it should be 50 mph. The constant alarm is driving me crazy. Any answers please?


  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 706 [Revered Pioneer]
    As far as I'm aware, TomTom are not making any plans to include information about UK Smart Motorway variable speed limits.

    The reason why you are getting 50mph limits, on UK Smart Motorway variable speed limits, is only indirectly connected with the fact the Motorway is "Smart". I believe it is a leftover from when the Motorway was being updated & there was a 50mph "Construction/Temporary" Speed Limit imposed - TomTom simply hasn't got around to removing the out-of-date "Construction-Limit"!!
  • Jay_Cee_99Jay_Cee_99 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Thanks John-Jay

    The problem is that one of the motorways I'm travelling on had its works completed over a year ago.

    How long do Tom-Tom take. Do you happen to know?

    The only other solution I can think of is turning the warning off, which kind of misses the point, really. Not sure any of the sounds would work then......

  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 706 [Revered Pioneer]
    Hi, @Jay_Cee_99 ,

    Unfortunately, TomTom can take some time to update the Speed-Limits - a bit of a contentious topic!!
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