Tomtom Go500 new map 10.25 will not fit on device

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I am a bit disappointed that I purchased a Tomtom Go500 with 'Life time free map updates' yet the latest 10.25 map does not fit and is too large for the device, I thought I would be buying a device I would not need to spend more money on.
I contacted customer services today very poor support, they basically said I need to buy a memory card and when I asked if they sell them the answer was no., I then asked for an email address to complain and again she could not provide one just stated I need to read the legal section?

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    Earlier there was a map of Europe version 9.05 on a 4 GB memory card. I updated to version 10.25 and it broke the map of Europe into 6 zones because of its large size. Now I want to record a full map of Europe on a flash memory of 16 GB, but it further suggests choosing only one zone. How can I download the full map of Europe?
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    My post above your post is referring to the NAV4 PND devices

    Try re-posting in the TomTom built-in car navigation Sub Forum