Tomtom 5200- LIVE services only work when connect to a phone

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Is it providing live service without WI-fi connection via 5200 WI-fi, because from what I've gained impression live services work only when I connect to the phone and the device is equipped with a sim card I do not quite understand the rules of this card .


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    Live services should work without use of the phone. If your device is connected to WiFi or your phone is connected to your device for data then you get live services via WiFi or via your phone. But without these connections the built in SIM should work in the area where you purchased your device. For Poland, that would be just about all of Europe.

    If your device is saying it cannot activate the SIM card then customer service can help activate it.
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    HI @Czechu5211

    Please try the following.

    Move out of range of your Wifi connection that you have programmed into the Unit and Turn your Phone off so there is no connection from these devices to the GO5200.

    Now Tap Menu. There are 5 Icons top Left.
    The Wifi Icon should be Greyish
    The Bluetooth Icon should be Greyish
    The Cloud Icon should be Bold. This means your unit has connected to your TT account
    The 2 Car icon should be Bold. This means it is connected to Traffic
    The Battery Icon is the last icon.

    If the Cloud and 2 Car Icons are Not bold then the unit is not using the Inbuilt SIM card t connect to the TT servers. If so contact Customer Support to ave them check the Sim settings at their end. If they are bold then the only connection you have is via he some as all other possibilities are not available to the GO5200

    Please advise how you get on.