My device won't connect to the Home program. It never has.

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I have paid for 2 updates for this stupid thing but never could install them, 'Till now the original maps have been adequate. TomTom is IMPOSSIBLE to contact. Guess they don't have phones wherever they live (or email either.) If you can't determine which model your toy is or they don't seem to list it what are you supposed to do? Contacting other users is a stupid way to run a company. You pay good money for their product but they don't care enough about the customer to let us contact them. If anyone in this hokey company wants to contact me my email is [email protected] (that stands for "grumpy old man" born in '47.) Guess it's time to contact Garmin and hope they treat their customers better. Like I would purchase one of their new products (at the LOYAL CUSTOMER price.) Why throw good money after bad. If TomTom wants to contact me I would be willing to talk,

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    After much research I finally found a phone number: 1-877-757-7137 They are open from 9:30 AM to 8 PM. I too, have issues with their web site.