GO 510 - installing a 32GB micro SD causes endless reset loop

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a) My GO 510 does not have enough built-in memory to install the latest Europe map set (this in itself is already an annoyance - nobody needs a full Europe map set)...
b) so I bought a 32GB micro SD card to solve the space issue
c) I follow the instructions, reset my GO 510 and insert the card after booting
d)I select the maps storage option and my GO 510 found the card and proceeded to format it
e) After some minutes, it reboots and enters an endless cycle of resetting, rebooting, crashing (TomTom MyDrive Connect on my Mac tells me that my device is resetting and to not disconnect... over and over and over... I have let this go on for over an hour)
f) If I interrupt the cycle, then the SD card is not longer recognized (MyDrive Connect claims none is installed)
g) If I remove and re-insert the SD card, my GO 510 tells me I must first reformat the SD card with a computer
h) I do so (even using the official SD card formatter software) and return to step c)

I have tried with two different 32GB cards, with the same results.

How can I get this to work?

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    Boom! The budget brand cards I had tried were the issue (even though both were FAT32 formatted class 10 that had worked perfectly fine as memory extensions of an Android phone and tablet respectively); a SanDisk Ultra formatted in seconds and wheee! my GO 510 has returned from the brink of becoming a door stopper.
    @DougLap... thanks for saving me from some serious tech rage
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    Hi @funsacap

    Oh I wish I could have been a witness. =)=) Its an odd thing this make of card business but your not the first. I bet you were very sceptical of the suggestion. =)=)

    Glad you are up and running.