Accidentially removed map from GO 730

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Somehow my map was removed from my TOMTOM GO 730.
This device has no SD card in it. When I start the device I get a message that no map can be found. I've created a screenshot with the files on the device and the items on the navigation device via TOMTOM home.

There is no illegal software or anything on this device.
My Question: How do I get my map back on the device.

What did I do?
- Started the device and got the message 'no maps available' (PS: I'm translating from Dutch so the messages in English can be a bit different)
- COnnected the device to my computer
- Installed TOMTOM home (didn't have that on this laptop)
- Received notification that updates are no longer available for this device
- Clicked IGNORE
- updated the device
- Result: nothing. Still message No maps available
- COnnected to laptop again
- Via Manage removed the application and downloaded it again
- Result: nothing

The size of items on the device is just 160Mb :-(
Release info found in the file release.nfo:
LocalID = -9.541.3145439.1-2042-9.541.1-2042-CAB-navcore-GO
imageID = False-False.False

[Image information]
Birthday = Tuesday 11 December 2018, 20:10:06
Image type = CAB
Item number = 9.541.1-2042
Item description = CAB-navcore-GO
Changelist = 3147257
Application version = 9.541
Application build = 3145439.1-2042
Linux kernel = 1493118


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    Same version map reactivated on your account.

    Please download it using TomTom HOME..

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    How should I do this? When I click check for updates or something like that it says: no updates found