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Anyone know if it's possible to install new maps on my Tomtom Start25?
I'm going from Sweden to eastern Canada and eastern US this spring. On my device I have Europe installed. But I rarely use it here in Europe anymore, and I'm probably gonna spend a lot of time in Canada and the US in the future. So I'm wondering if it's possible, on my device, to uninstall the european map and instead install new maps of eastern Canada and eastern USA?

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    Thanks for your help! :) I'm gonna call customer support tomorrow.
    But I checked further into the matter, and it seems like my device actually is compatible with the new maps of Canada and USA. So I might be lucky :)
    I do believe though that I will have to uninstall the european map first, but I hope that customer support will be able to give me some guideance.
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    Hi @Traveler_J3

    The Start 25 have either 2gb or 4gb of internal memory however they do have the facility to add a Micro Sd card class 10 to expand that . If your existing map is on the internal memory, then the addition of more memory will enable the new map to be loaded there and, should it be needed, the European map if it is updated and will no longer fit on the internal memory has somewhere to go.

    Hope you get it sorted.