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Hi. I have checked on the Tom Tom website and it says that they will no longer be issuing updates for the map in my tom tom and the reason they give is that the map updates are now very large and some sat navs cannot cope with the size on the map update. Well, my Tom Tom is a GO 910 that cost me way over £400 when i purchased it and it has an internal 20GB memory built it !!!! Surely with a memory of this size , it would still be suitable for new map upgrades ????? On the same page that said my device would no longer be supported, was an advert offering me 30% off if I bought a new device !!!!!! So, is this just a ploy to get people with older sat navs to but new ones ??????? I have tried to contact Tom Tom using their website , but it seems impossible to actual get to ask them a question directly via email or to speak to anyone on the phone....... all they do is refer me to the forum ?????? But , I would like to be able to speak to someone at Tom Tom to ask why my device with a 20GB internal hard drive memory is no longer suitable for map upgrades. If anyone on the forum knows why, or can tell me how to contact tom tom , I would be grateful. Cheers, Jimmymerlin


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    Hi @Jimmymerlin

    When you tried to contact Tomtom Customer Support did you indicate the model you wished to speak about before anyone spoke to you. If so do not give that detail but wait until you get through to someone.

    I assume that the map you have on your unit may be the same as that on similar units of that vintage. Because they had very little internal memory and in many cases no ability to expand the memory Tomtom have stopped updating the maps which tend to get bigger and bigger. The current European Map is circa 9gb.

    Whether your unit, with a much bigger internal memory, will work with any newer supported maps is the question.

    I hope you get an answer soon .