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I went through the process of reporting a permanently blocked road (Between Burrish Street and Bourne Close in Droitwich), but after submitting the report and photograph, I received a failure message. I can't be bothered to go through the procedure again and waste more of my time. Doesn't anything work properly at TomTom these days? (Rhetorical question - no answer required).


  • lampard
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    Hi @BrianE

    Can you post a screenshot of the error message you received while submitting the report? Also, if you've the detailed information (official sources, news, pictures etc.) about this permanent closure then please fill out the template below and I'll forward this to the team for further investigation.
    1. What kind of closure are you reporting? (for example: current, future, Permanent)
    2. Do you have any detailed information about time (for example: since Autumn)
    3. Do you have any detailed information about Road Closure location (for example: coordinates, location city, street name)
    4. What other useful sources could you provide (for example: technical environment (device/app model), link (e.g. to MyDrive), official sources, news, map version, MapShare Reporter ID)
    5. Remarks (general issue description)
    Cheers, lampard