Live HD traffic not working.

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Just renewed my live service subscription and now live traffic has stoped working. All other live services still work ( places and speed cameras etc). Tried a factory reset and still no joy. Just get a yellow triangle with ! In the info bar.

Any help appreciated


  • Gazza1960
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    Just updated Tom Tom device to a nice looking 6200 only to find out that since I've opened the box "Traffic" says "Service unavailable" what's the point in spending money on a device/service that i wanted but now I can't get... is it me or the device :s
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    HI @Gazza1960

    You don't say which country you are in. Are you indoors setting it up if so then when you go outside it will look to pick up a Mobile signal and Traffic should then work. If you are indoors it should be logging in easily as it will be attached to your Wifi. Does this happen when you are out of range of your Wifi. To check if it is logging in to your MyDrive account and if not are the Account details and Password wrong.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap MyDrive Does it say Logged In (left middle) and Stop Syncing bottom Right. If not it is not logged into the MyDrive account.

    Try a Soft Reset. With the unit on hold the ON/OFF button down for about 20 seconds until you hear the drumroll sound and iy will reboot. If this does not work then A factory Reset and start again.

    If there is still a problem contact Customer support and get them to check the settings for your unit at their end.