Bluetooth earphones won't stay turned on

Please help! I've been looking and can't seem to find anyone with this exact problem.

I have the Spark 3 Music and the wireless bluetooth earbuds ("TT Headset") that came bundled with it. They've been working amazingly with my watch and phone for a year now with no issues.

A couple days ago, I went to connect them to my phone. They started up like normal and connected, and I started my music. Right as I got to my front door, the music stopped. I checked, and the headphones had disconnected from the phone's bluetooth. Annoying, but whatever. I open my phone's bluetooth and try to reconnect, get the error that means the headset isn't turned on. I hold the power button and the headphones turn on like normal as if they'd been turned off. Keep in mind, they had just come off the charger and my phone gave me a notification that they were at 100% charge.

Now this is the situation. Most of the time, the headset won't turn on no matter how much I hold down the power button. 1 time out of 10 it'll turn on and I can get to pairing mode. With my watch, the headset will not remain powered on long enough to connect even for a second. With my phone, it will connect, but within 30 seconds of turning on the headset turns off on its own. If I plug it in to the charger the light immediately turns blue, and in the brief moment that it is connected to my phone I get a popup that it's at 100% power. Following the advice on here for someone with a vaguely similar issue, I left the headset plugged into the charger overnight anyway. No dice, not the slightest bit of change.

Are they just donezo? Is it time to bite the bullet and buy a potentially comfier headset? Thanks in advance for the help!


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    They are done. They are simply not holding a charge anymore, either because the battery is depleted or some wiring or connection is fried. Chuck them and get a different pair.
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    Dang. Thanks!
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