Android Auto support to GO Mobile App

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Well like many other people who have got new cars and vans I find my favourite navigation app unusable anymore.

Just want to vent and hope TomTom sees the demand for them to work with Google to get it going.


  • nblackburn
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    I have heard that the platform is very tightly managed and are very selective about who they allow on to the platform.

    It would be nice but so would any kind of feature update to the platform as it has been a while.
  • lampard
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    Hi there,

    We’ve recently seen a number of requests to integrate the TomTom GO Mobile App with Android Auto. Currently in most markets, Android Auto only works with Google Maps and Waze.

    As a result, we cannot develop this feature until support for integration with TomTom is available. If you would like to be kept in the loop on any changes in the future, please signup here:

    Cheers, lampard
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    Although I'm more than happy to criticise Tom Tom due to their "approach" to the broken 3D view in PX5 powered Android devices, @lampard is correct in that Google is very tightly controlling which apps can directly interact with Android Auto.

    Considering the free for all that Android often turns into it seems like a sensible approach, hopefully with Tom Tom being a sizeable company they'll be able to bring sufficient pressure to bear on Google to approve the Tom Tom mobile app for Android Auto.
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    Tomtom is testing a beta for Apple Carplay. So Tomtom doesn't seem to be opposed per se to see their app being used on compatible car devices.
    The only not-owned-by-Google navigation app available for Android Auto seems to be the korean Kakao app. Not sure what Kakao did to make it on the list of AA approved apps.
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    I just got a Hyundai Ioniq EV and I would very much like to keep using TomTom Go Mobile but then on the head unit with Android Auto. Allthough many free alternatives are available I find the guidance and live traffic worth every penny.

    Ik hope that many more users will request this feature so it will eventualy become avaiable because of community pressure.

    For now i'll stick with ye olde suction cup on the dashboard...
  • NL_DL
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    I've been an avid user of TomTom GO for years. It would be very appreciated if this would function on Android Auto!

    lampard wrote: »
    Hi there,

    As a result, we cannot develop this feature until support for integration with TomTom is available. If you would like to be kept in the loop on any changes in the future, please signup here:

    Cheers, lampard

    I can't seem to find the correct page you are reffering to, I get a "That page could not be found."
    Does this mean it's not going to happen?

    Kind regards,
  • digital3540
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    the Competiter Sygic who actully uses TT maps, can connect to several cars screens, not using Google Auto though, why could'nt TT use that direction instead of waiting for Google ?
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    It is a good point but you have to have the correct head unit and correct version of the app to work.

    Just take the Ford SYNC®3 you have to have this version on your head unit.
    Some of Ford's head units can be updated to this version.

    As for 3rd party head units that is a complete other ball game.
    They would have to have it built in to them.
    That means covering a complete list of car companies and their different systems.

    I do not see 3rd party head units going down that road any time soon.

    Most have Google maps as default or some other GPS app that have a deal with.

    I have yet to see TomTom covered with any 3rd party Head unit.

    Now we are talking a long list of different systems depending on which car you have and the correct version of the software and the correct radio.

    See list below:
    - FORD
    - Jaguar
    - Land Rover
    - Honda
    - VolksWagen
    - Seat
    - Peugeot
    - Citroen
    - Skoda
    - Suzuki

    You quoted "Sygic"

    They are a company that has 4 different GPS app only one has this setup.
    The other 3 GPS apps do not have it.

    Plus they only make GPS apps for Iphones and Android.

    TomTom has a big pallet of GPS items from stand alone units to smartphone apps and also contracts with many car companies to have TOMTOM installed in the car radio already.

    So adding these extra features not only this way, but as you have read many other user's what it a different way.

    I do not see it happening.

    Plus with 5G around the corner the whole GPS thing changes with everyone being connected.

    We will have to wait and see what changes will be implemented........
  • FreezeFIN
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    Hello TomTom, is there are news on this? I've been using my Ford's Sync 3 -based navigation now for a while, and it is utter *removed* compared to the intuitivity and reliability of TomTom Go Mobile.
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    Goes to page error 404
    Not very inspiring
    Re Tom Tom Go/Android Auto, outcome will reveal Tom Tom's customer focus.
  • sifalcia
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    I use Waze now and I dont renew my pay subscription to TomTom android: why I could do this? I know that soon there will be an update for carplay and the page that TomTom indicated ( is a not found page. Thank you tomtom
  • DougLap
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    Hi @sifalcia

    On a recent post @lampard posted the following about the link you mentioned

    "The link above has been removed due to overwhelming response for the invites. I'll certainly post back here once there is any news about Android Auto support "

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