New tomtom go basic model - made an error when setting up cannot get back to English

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Hi - can anyone help - I made an error, just purchased this and was setting up - made an error and selected a language that is not English and I am trying to reset it back to English - any ideas how to reboot or reset to factory settings?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Jasbe

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device

    Now you start again setting it up.

  • Lochfrass
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    Can you read the language on the device tht you settet?
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    Lochfrass wrote: »
    Can you read the language on the device tht you settet?

    That was my thought too, so if it helps.............

    Starting on the 'normal' map screen (as if you had just turned on the device).

    Four dots (....) at the bottom left of screen = 'Menu' - tap the dots.
    Scroll to last screen (4 of 4) to the right.
    Then, white sprocket/gear wheel symbol in blue circle = 'Settings' - tap the icon.
    Next, scroll to second screen (2 of 3) to the right.
    Then, Blue padlock (looks like a shopping bag!) in white rectangle = 'System' - tap the icon.

    You should now be on the settings screen.

    All things being equal, and unless I'm missing something from mine, Fourth arrow down (4 of 6) = 'Reset Device' - tap the arrow.

    You should now see a screen full of text, but if its not in English it will be meaningless to you, however, the 'screen button' to reset the device is at the bottom right of screen - tap the button.

    You will now have a red band across the screen with the word "Warning" in whatever language your device is set to, with a short line of white text.

    Below the text there are two 'buttons' - tapping the button on the right will reset your device - tapping the left button will cancel the action.

    From here on, it's your decision... I'm not really that keen to go any further to reset mine to prove the point, but tapping the right hand button will reset your device 'factory' settings.

    Best regards

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    Hi @Jasbe

    Another way to change language without a full reset.
    Tap (....Menu) icon bottom Left of Map screen
    Tap Settings The gear wheel surrounded by a Blue Circle.
    Tap Language and Units The Black and White Fag over Blue Comb looking item.
    Tap Language. The first option on the page with the current language in blue on the Right
    Scroll up or down looking for English (United Kingdom.) and select it
    Tap The White Arrow top Left to go back one page
    Tap Second Option and select United Kingdom if you need to change this option
    Tap Blue arrow Top right to take you back to main screen.

    All the best.