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This is not a question, just a statement from an irate customer.
I brought a TomTom One for my wife with lifetime maps just a couple of years ago. I now find that the device is no longer supported so the lifetime maps offer is, to me, just a lie!
This is the second time this has happened - the last time, the unit was expensive but was also quite old so I accepted the situation. Not this time, it looks like Garmin here I come.
I am NOT happy.


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    Tomtom has said those devices with lifetime maps will continue to receive them.

    Call support but don't provide a model when prompted in order for a live agent to reply:
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    You say you bought it a couple of years ago. Was the One still sold in 2017 - I don't recall seeing them in shops since I bought my first Tomtom about four years ago . How recent was the map? I have a a One IQ and use the upgraded Pacific Highway a lot so am interested if there is any way of updating its maps .