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inability to my 550 to stay connected or not reboot.

eatonjbeatonjb Posts: 22 [Master Traveler]
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I have been frustrated with my Rider 550 , its be a struggle to get it to ever work seemslessy .

I have a bevy of problems that just will not go away.

1st issue, every once in a wile, randomly, when my Sena 30K connects to the 550, it will connect and almost right after i see a screen that says "Shutting down" for no reason. I never told it to turn off, I never asked it to reboot. This would not be such an issue if it was not for 1 if I am recording my path for my trip, cause when it reboots, the file that it makes is now unreadable and i lose my entire saved recorded journey.

2nd, is that there is about a 20% chance that it will connect to my Samsung S10 phone (BTW same issue with my S8 phone, and even my Nexus 6p phone) . about 80% of the time, I need to reboot the unit, or close the TomTom MyDrive app.

3rd of all, about 50% of the time if I DO get it to connect to my phone and MyDrive app, after 10 or so minutes of riding using navigation, I notice that the device has somehow lost its ability to get traffic and or cloud data.

I have did a factory reset on the device several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the MYDrive app, AND checked over and over for updates to the software. currently 18.202.0024.411 (0) (12/05/2018)

the serial number for the device is KGxxxxxxxx91 (0)

Please help as this unit has been nothing but frustration and difficulty.

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  • eatonjbeatonjb Posts: 22 [Master Traveler]
    Yes. The most recent Sena firmware. And yes , I did the QR code.
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 714 [Revered Pioneer]
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    For your S8 you can try the following solution

    My own Rider 550 is stable with the phone connection (Motorola) (Phone to 4G network is sometimes an issue)

    For the reboot issue I advice you to call TomTom support.

    Hello there seems to be a problem with the Sena units I have a SC10 and this happens from time to time I find it happens less often if I have a hard reboot of the tomtom before setting out
    (Hold power button until the unit reboots and you hear the drum roll) This seems to be only an issue with some SENA units . I had no problems with a Nolan headset
  • eatonjbeatonjb Posts: 22 [Master Traveler]
    so. I am still frustrated with the unit, cause I think i found "kinda" a workaround. It's not elegent and takes time.

    I have to make sure that the Sena is connected to the phone first, so I turn on the Sena, wait a good min or so, then turn on my bike or use the power switch, and it seems to be ok connecting. .

    *IF* I turn the GPS on in some way, and then turn on my Sena, it seems not to want to connect. I can even go into the BT settings and see the BT Go harry carry, on and off, telling me that its turning off and on and off and on again the bluetooth.

    Kinda annoying.. not happy about it, but so far over the last few times, it has been good.

    I will keep you posted. I am not sure if it IS the Sena that is the problem, or the ability for the TomTom to keep a stable connection.

    Overall, I am dissapointed in the implantation of BT from the last Rider 400 I had, they have been pretty poor, and I do not see real support in the future.
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 714 [Revered Pioneer]
    If you don't need the Sena for Music, Phone calls and Google Now I advice you to only pair the unit with the Rider for navigation instructions. If the Sena supports A2DP turn it on and HSP off.

    I dit experiments with a three euro A2DP receiver giving clear navigation instructions.
  • eatonjbeatonjb Posts: 22 [Master Traveler]
    Yeaa.. no I want music..
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