My Go Live 820 is not responsive when entering information on the screen.

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If you enter a post code this can take a long time due to the screen not being responsive. you have to press letter or number and hope it recognises it. Sometimes you touch a letter or number and the one next to it appears or you may get 2 or 3 letters the same. it also take about 3 seconds before it enters what you have input to appear on the screen.
Any help would be appreciated


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Brax57

    Your model has only got either 2 or 4gb of internal memory however it has a slot where you can add additional memory.

    It is possible the slow response is because your your internal memory is very full and there is no free space for the unit to use for Operational purposes. If you have not got a Micro SD Class 10 memory card in your in the unit then this would probably sort things out. I would suggest a 16gb card which whilst overkill will be a suitable size for the current units if you decide to get one or other uses if you no longer need it in the 820.

    If you have any updates available once you have put a card in the update may result in the internal memory being freed up and that should help.

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    If you have a screen protector on, remove it. Try running a business card or similar all the way round under the screen bezel as both these tricks can help clear this problem caused by dust under the bezel edge.