Where can i get tomtom campervan POI for my Go 6200 Preoffesional and how do i install them?

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When i changed my camper TOMTOM could advise me when the new model of Camper Tomtom was going to be released. Because of this I bought the truck version. This works fine but I could do with the POI's. I thought I could maybe buy them from TOMTOM but dont see any options on the website. Any help would be appreciated



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    Hi @paulus259

    I am not aware of what country you are in.

    The Camper unit has the following Poi files listed as being on it.

    ADAC Camper Campings
    ADAC Campings
    ANWB Camper Campings
    ANWB Campings
    Campercontact Campings

    Another well known one is Archies camping Poi files

    This is a Poi website


    A search on the will find more. Many of them are Free.