How to get EU map? United Kingdom and Poland

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Hi, I have a tomtom start 50 with a lifetime update. I found some trouble while installing the map through the software
What I need is both at the same time, map of United Kingdom and Poland and other xountries on the way.
A possibility for a little help here?


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    I reaaly apologise for a double thread. Assume I can't delete this one, just realised it is wrong category.
  • danpek
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    Just bought a GO 520 w/wifi. Packaging shows lifetime world maps. did all the downloading with wifi and or pc program tomtom Home.
    All I can get loaded is USA, Canada and Mexico map.
    I am under the impression the Lifetime World Maps is free. Looks like I could buy the Europe map but I bought this unit for the map included.
    Am I right or wrong.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @danpek

    You cannot get the Europe map and the USA map on the GO520 unless you add extra memory they are too big.

    Add a Micro SD Class 10 card in the Slot in the bottom of the Unit. I would recommend a Sandisk or Samsung or similar major manufacturers 16gb or Max 32Gb card from a reputable source. The latter will hold a lot of the maps available to you.

    Then Tap menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Maps
    Tap Add a Map

    You should now get a list of available maps as you have enough memory available to take them.