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Via 53 freezes at the loading screen - help please

I have used my via 53 since November 2018 without any problems. Suddenly, yesterday when I started it I got the TOMTOM start screen (red hands and music) fine but when the software started to load (where there is the grey world map and the loading bar at the bottom of the screen), it only loaded to about 95% and froze. I have checked that the battery is fully charged and I have tried the reset routine. Neither work, it still freezes at the same point. Any ideas? As this is less than 6 months old I think I might have to send it back for a replacement unless anyone has any ideas.

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  • lasusslasuss Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Ho Lochfrass, many thanks for the advice - I had a micro-SD card in and as soon as I took it out the device booted up perfectly.
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