Multisport Watch failing

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One day my multisport watch is working fine, the next day the buttons failed, then the docking station. Customer support has been useless, apparently there is no # to call for support only chat and email. The person on chat kept asking for information that required me to navigate in the watch and I kept reminding him the buttons don't do anything.. So it pretty much got me no where. I tried the tape thing I saw on other threads no luck. This is the second multisport watch that has had similar problems and from what I have read seems to be an issue with TomTom devices. I won't be buying another TomTom if this one doesn't get repaired/replaced I don't think I'll risk dropping money on a third watch by them to have the same thing happen.

Anyone had any luck with any other means of customer support or repairing the multisport watch, getting it to connect to the computer, or is it just w wash?