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List of Support Videos (Drive)

RohitMRohitM Posts: 60 TomTom Employee

1. How to reset your navigation device 
2. How to find out more about your device 
3. Finding the serial number of your navigation device
4. Updating your navigation device using Wi-Fi®
5. How to remove an integrated mount
6. How to recover your device
7. What can I do if my Traffic services are not working?
8. How to rotate an integrated mount
9. Get data and hands-free calls using your Android phone
10. Get data and hands-free calls using your iPhone
11. How to change the language on your navigation device
12. Using Longitude and Latitude coordinates
13. How to reset the TomTom VIO
14. Switching maps on your navigation device
15. How to report a map error in Map Share Reporter
16. How to connect the TomTom CURFER to your car
17. How to find out more about your device
18. What to do if your device displays No Maps Found
19. Managing community content for your navigation device
20. About TomTom MapShare
21. Getting a GPS signal on your navigation device
22. Where to find the memory card slot on your device
23. Checking the status of your TomTom services subscription
24. Customising your newer navigation device
25. "Oops, we are having trouble accessing TomTom services"


1. How to insert and remove a memory card (Rider 410/400/40)
2. How to plan a thrilling route with the Rider
3. How to set up Bluetooth Hands-free calling for the Rider 40, 400 or 410
4. How to redeem a Tyre Pro licence for the Rider
5. How to connect your headset to the Rider
6. Importing routes for your RIDER from your computer using USB
7. Importing tracks and routes to your RIDER using Bluetooth™
8. Exporting tracks from your Rider using Bluetooth™
9. Exporting and importing routes for your RIDER using a memory card
10. How to record a track on your TomTom RIDER
11. Pairing a headset with both your smartphone and your RIDER
12. Installing the Rider Anti-theft solution
13. Making hands-free calls with your Rider 500/550

MyDrive Connect, MyDrive Web and apps

1How to update your device using MyDrive Connect
2How to import POIs, GPX files and Favourites in MyDrive
3Device not connecting to your computer (MyDrive Connect)
4. Installing & updating maps with MyDrive Connect
5Get data, hands-free calls and smartphone messages using your iPhone and MyDrive app
6Get data, hands-free calls and smartphone messages using your Android phone and MyDrive App
7Transferring favourites and POIs to your new device (MyDrive Connect)
8Changing the settings in MyDrive Connect
9. Creating your own routes with MyDrive


1. How to install a full map using TomTom HOME
2How to reinstall the software on your navigation device using TomTom HOME
3How to install Map Zones using TomTom HOME (Europe Map)
4How to reset a navigation device that connects to TomTom HOME 
5How to install TomTom Home on Windows®
6How to change a Map Zone using TomTom HOME
7How to install Map Zones using TomTom HOME (USA, Canada & Mexico map)
8How to perform a factory reset on a device that connects to TomTom HOME
9What to do if TomTom HOME doesn’t start automatically
10. What to do if your map is not offered in TomTom HOME
11How to install TomTom HOME on Mac®
12How to back up and restore your navigation device using TomTom HOME
13. Transferring favourites and POI's to your new device (TomTom Home)
14. How to uninstall TomTom HOME on Windows® and Mac OS®
15. Updating your Carminat TomTom


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,213 Superusers
    Is there some way to alphabetize the different items or sort them somehow? Right now, there seems to be no logic and a user needs to scroll through the entire list hoping to find the one he/she needs.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 7,969 TomTom Moderator

    We have categorized this further, does it look okay?:thinking:

    Let us know if you have some better ideas to make it more simple, and we will be happy to implement it... :D

    Vikram :)
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  • dhndhn Posts: 33,213 Superusers
    @VikramK @RohitM

    Better but how about alphabetizing by title of topic within each category?
  • RohitMRohitM Posts: 60 TomTom Employee

    Yes, alphabetizing is best option but most of the titles are starting with "How". Even if we alphabetize the list, impact will be minimal.

  • dhndhn Posts: 33,213 Superusers
    OK, thanks anyway.
  • lampardlampard Posts: 4,097 TomTom Moderator
    Thanks Lochfrass! Fixed it.
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