Possible to disable the back light?

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Is it possible to disable the back light on the TomTom spark?

I went on a hiking holiday recently and found the battery life inconsistent. I got 6 hours with 30% remaining however the following day I noticed I was below 50% after just two hours.

The difference in the conditions was that the first day was dry and the second day was very wet. What I noticed was happening was that because my watch was wet and rubbing the inside of my coat this was activating the back light causing the battery drain. The only way I could slow the battery drain was to roll the sleeve on my coat up which wasn't ideal in the conditions.

Is there a way to prevent this or does anyone have any tips to reduce this happening?



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    There is no way to disable the backlight altogether and since it is touch activated, wet clothing will activate it. There is no solution other than maybe keeping a dry wristband or something over it.