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Bought a brand new unit today and when i got home set it up and it immediately wants to do updates.

How long should the map update take for Europe 9gb?

The unit has been on for 40 minutes and is at 1%

Frustrated to say the least, at this moment the unit might be getting returned to the shop because for a so called professional unit if it is going to take 2 days to update the words rubbish and amateur spring to mind.


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    Alternatively, you can use MyDrive Connect and the USB cable to connect to the Internet.
    YamFazMan has described it here
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    From personal experience, map updates can run into hours and are best left to run overnight. On a new device, it's very possible that the firmware is also updating. To point of fact, if a unit is new, or has not been used for some time, as was the case with my own GO60, there can be several updates going on in a single session, but once done, future updates don't 'hurt' quite as much.

    As an aside, it is well worth spending a few ££ more for a good, branded, micro SD card (16Gb to 32Gb, Class 10) to store the maps. This leaves the device on board memory for other things, including voices, mapshares, route planning and the essential 'working space' for the device CPU. I found doing it that way can dramatically speed up the update process.

    No doubt other, and wiser, minds will be along to offer more words of wisdom.
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