My fitness age does not improve

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No matter how many stars i get or the HR is in perform zone for loads of time, my fitness age just doesnt improve. Any reason? Is there an error in my runner 3? Can it be replaced or upgraded?


  • tfarabaugh
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    I honestly don't feel you can make any judgments from what it is telling you in terms of fitness points or fitness age. It only uses runs or cycles to calculate points and while it does refine its readings over time, but it seems to be a random, capricious measure that ties to very little. It uses your calculated VO2Max (which will be wrong as no watch can compute this) to calculate points. It is not the amount of exercise that matters, it is the intensity. Unless you are in Z3 or higher for a substantial part of your workout it will not change anything. If your workouts are walks or jogs or anything that is not intense, it will have no impact on the age and points. It is based on whatever algorithm TT came up with, which is different than what Garmin uses or Strava uses, or anyone else. Ultimately, I don't expect a watch to be able to tell me how fit I am.

    There is nothing wrong with the watch it is just a poorly developed and implenented idea.