GPS Week Number Rollover? SN entered, no response from webpage

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say are the rider 40/400 and new impacted by this ??
Your satnav might be affected by the upcoming GPS Week Number Rollover. To check your device, please click here.............. i enter the SN, then the box area goes blank and i see no information, good, bad, nothing.

The GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO) occurs every 19 years, with the next rollover taking place on April 6, 2019. Similar to odometers in older cars rolling over from 99,999 miles to 0 miles, the GPS WNRO is the resetting of the GPS calendar back to 0.

When the calendar resets, it can cause a miscommunication between GPS satellites and GPS receiver chips. As a result, some chips in navigation devices will lose the ability to process certain functions.

What does this mean for you? It's time to check your navigation device. Depending on your device, you may need to update or upgrade. :o



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    browsing the TT site, i see
    Thank you for checking your satnav! Your device is not impacted by the GPS Week Number Rollover. If you wish to check another device, click here.

    seems like an extremely strange location to show this information, not sure if it intended to act like that. Seems like the 40/400 is not affected, and i got a very early usa one.
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    Hello All,

    The GPS Week Number Roll-over (WNRO) on 6 April 2019 may have an impact on GPS performance. If you frequently update your device there’s no need to worry!
    • Current navigation devices (Nav4) are not impacted.
    • Sports and Action devices are not impacted.
    • Some older navigation devices (Nav3 = using to MyDrive Connect and Nav2 = using HOME) may be impacted.


    The Rider 40/400/420... (NAV4 Devises) are not affected