Go camper -Setting up vehicle dimensions- axle weights

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apologies for the stupid question - recently purchased the new Go camper and not sure on what figures to type into My Vehicle for axle weights ?
My motorhome is max 3.5 T


  • lampard
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    Hi MerlinWales,

    Sorry for the delayed response!

    Please see the public FAQ here to know more about the axle weights on your GO Camper: ABOUT VEHICLE HEIGHT AND WEIGHT ON TOMTOM CAMPER & CARAVAN

    Cheers, lampard
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    I have a TomTom Go Camper, I'm not sure what numbers are required for
    weight (gross/Axle in t) . My gvw is 3850kg. Axle 1 is 1850kg. Rear axle is 2240kg. Should the first box be axle 1 front and axle 2 rear be entered. Hope someone can help. Many thanks.