Using the memory card from a old device on a replacement GO 750

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hi. I have just purchased a replacement go 750 after damaging my old one but I seem unable to to use my original sim ard as it doesn't seem to recognise it on the new machine. can anyone advise please


  • DougLap
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    Hi @kenosb

    I assume you mean the Old SD memory card.

    All maps, Voices etc that are purchased and used with your old unit will not work on the new one as they are tied to the serial number of the old unit.

    If you have any current paid for services that have not expired on the old unit then try contacting Customer support and see if they will transfer them to the new one. Please check on the following whether your GO750 is still supported by Tomtom as it is a very old model.

    When you ring don't mention the model and wait for an agent to answer.

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    Thanks for your help