New TomTom GO 620 with 11-month old map

I received my new TomTom GO 620 today (upgrade from older TomTom ONE). It has the USA/Canada/Mexico map with a date of 4/2018, version 1010.8882 (almost a year old). According to the TomTom site, the newest map version is 1025 but according to the device, there's nothing to update. This is confusing. Why won't the device update to a newer map? I was assured that this model has a lifetime map update policy. If I tape the Updates & New Items icon, I'm told everything is up to date.

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    Doug: I did; I logged into my account and WiFi was working fine. Right after I posted this question I tried powering the device off and on and lo and behold, when it powered back on, it updated to the latest software and maps. I guess it just needed a reboot for some reason. Thanks for your quick reply!