Is it ok with this many problems on Tomtom 550?

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I got my Tomtom 550 rider since I was not too impressed with a Garmin device I had before. There was some delays in delivery of the 550 but finally I got it after i few months. But I am seriously disappointed. It is failing on updates, it is losing wifi connection, I have a hard time getting my routes to transfer. Pretty much everything I intend to do, I have to work to find a way that actually gets the result. This type of trial and error was more common 10-15 years ago. But now, with smart phones and things that normally work out of the box, I can only say that I am disappointed. And I am not looking to figure out how to get it right but just looking to air my thoughts. It should not be this way. On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience is 2. Probably the only purchase during 2018 that have not met my expectations.


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    I think you are right. Not sure if TomTom is picking up these issue's. There is hardly any communication. I wonder if they have any dedicated developers on the Rider series.
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    You’re right. There are many issues, more than the benefits.

    I know more than 100 riders, nobody can understand why they have to pay so much money for such complexity and issues, some of them really critical (like the screen fogging, hoarse voice, unreliable maps, etc).

    They prefer much cheaper solutions even with some compromises...
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    Once again sheer stupidity by TomTom! Why is there not an option key for updating via wifi or PC and use MyDrive?

    Like many users in the UK I'm lucky if I get 10Mb/sec!
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    Thx everyone for your comments and YamFazMan for your fantastic guide! I enjoy a 500 mbit line with a Deco 3 spot setup. But either way - I just retry until it works and try to spend my energy on other stuff. But still, one would expect this to be a great product.