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I have a Nissan Leaf - don't judge me! It requires a different style of driving, and of course the distance matters (a faster route that is 8 miles longer but only 20 seconds faster might be less favourable).
Given how rubbish the inbuilt satnav is (I've written to Nissan to tell them the only advantage it confers is that it makes me read a paper map and learn my route before setting out), I use TomTom. So I'd like TomTom route planning tailored to the electric car. Perhaps i could enter my remaining miles at the start of a journey (if i choose). Perhaps you could record where the fast and slow chargers are (have a look at ZapMap)?
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    You could call support to log your suggestion. Who knows, eventually it may come to fruition. Especially since that's the kind of stuff TomTom seems to be get involved with lately in some manner.

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    This would be great to have, especially with cars that lack built-in navigation system.