Voice instructions missing - why?

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I have recently updated my 6000 Go to the latest map update (UK & Europe with Bennelux buildings). To do this I had to purchase a microSD card. The map installed onto the SD card Ok but I no longer have the Serena voice instructions during the journey. Serena is still installed on the device memory, selected and set up to give directions, street names etc. When I set up a route, Serena announces the estimated arrival time but no, further instructions at all.
Is this because the map is on the SD card and the voice on the device memory causing the issue? If so, does the voice need to be on the SD card as well? (There's not enough memory for map and voice on the device memory but there is on the SD card) I've looked for a way to do this but can't see how.

Previous map updates had the option to install the map without Russia to enable installation on the device memory but this does not seem to be available for this update.

Can anyone help please?


  • YamFazMan
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    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu)
  • Ilsonkid
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    Thanks for the suggestion but as stated all settings are set for voice instructions and definitely not muted or low volume as on selection of a new destination the voice announces an estimated arrival time but remains silent for the duration of the journey!
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    Are you **sure** there are no lines through the icons to the left or right of the volume bar? And are you sure Serena is the selected voice?