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I have a TomTom start 50 satnav. I always keep it up to date with the latest versions of software/maps. I bought it with a "dongle" so that I could receive traffic information while driving. On 04/01/19 I was driving through Sheffield, not knowing the city too well I was using my satnav to navigate home. The satnav gave directions to proceed along Ripley St and turn left onto Langsett Rd. It transpires that the section of Langsett Rd I drove along is a bus/taxi only lane between the hours of 15:00-17:00 Monday to Friday and I received a bus lane violation notice/fine as the time was recorded as 15:24! I am extremely annoyed by this as I believe TomTom should have supplied traffic information to inform me the bus lane regulation was in operation but it didn't - the instruction given was turn left onto Langsett Rd. The satnav ought to have given me an alternative route. So TomTom is I believe somewhat to blame for me incurring this fine and being a pensioner with only a meagre state pension as my sole means of income it is an expense I can ill afford


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    Sorry to say, but you should have been looking out for the signage, as it clearly say the it is buses only 3-7 pm, not just solely relying on your GPS device.
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    To be fair to the driver if you are in a strange place and using sat-nav, it's easy to miss signs such as these, and often the signage isn't repeated. Look at the image above, nothing on the traffic lights themselves at the actual turn, a place you would be looking and so would see it! These fines generate a revenue for someone of course, so I will let the readers draw their own conclusions.

    To the original poster, if you go here you will be able to flag this road and add details of the correction to make in the hope TomTom will update their maps in a timely fashion (no guarantee of that!), but it may help someone else in the future.
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    I sympathise.

    Many councils are resorting to using blue Information signs for what should be red border signs, as a way of making money out of motorists.
    Coventry was the last place I got caught out by this.

    The councils are very much unethical in this respect, but it's ultimately still the driver's responsibility.

    "Would you put your hand in a fire if TomTom told you to do it?"