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I like using the thrill routing option for motorcycle rides, it works very well over short distances, but a problem arises when the route crosses large urban areas. The app does not distinguish between thrilling twisty country roads and congested twisted urban roads.

A worthwhile enhancement to the thrill routing would be "Avoid Built Up Areas", so that it would keep you on the clear country roads even if the distance/time were not optimum.


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    When you look in the TomTom Rider section you will see than since the TomTom Rider 400 is released multiple Users are asking for the two improvements below.

    When using the Winding route or thrill routing TomTom finds the nice small roads but also has a preference for urban areas. A lot of TomTom Rider users are asking for a way to avoid urban areas.

    Next, TomTom Rider users like to follow GPX tracks. TomTom recalculates this Track based on the available roads. But when you take a wrong turn this route will also be recalculated and this will destroy a part of original track. A lot of TomTom Rider users are asking for a feature to also display the original GPX track in an alternate color. (a bit like the green faster alternatives)

    And some old Garmin Zumo users are missing a feature to embed POI’s with Icon in a GPX route or track.