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My device will not find my ITunes playlist so I can upload it to my watch. Any suggestions please


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    This is what was told on another thread. Good Luck as it still doesn't answer why just gives you a work around.
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    You can go to the watch in a file explorer window (the watch will be mounted as a drive) and create a folder in the Music folder and move the tracks into that folder. The software will then automatically create a playlist with all the tracks in the folder named after the folder. You can delete any tracks you do not want while you are there or to clear the watch, delete everything in the Music folder ([drive letter]\MySportConnect\Music). This will clear all playlists from the watch.

    Once you have deleted all the files in the Music folder you need to close the Connect software (right click in the notification area and pick exit on Windows, not sure the exact procedure on Mac) and reopen it and it will reanalyze the watch storage. Factory resets of the watch will not impact watch storage the only way to do that is through a File Explorer window.

    I hope this helps answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
  • TroyVSCTroyVSC Posts: 34 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Once you create a folder in on the Music folder with the watch you can go to itunes select your playlist, highlight the songs and then drag them into the folder. It works and is not that difficult to work around but still don't understand why now the watch can't find itunes playlists.
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