Reporting errors

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How long does it take TomTom to late a look at our reports and action them?

I ask because it's been three months since I reported some streets with the wrong speed allocated to them.= and I've not seen any changes actioned.


  • John-Jay
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    I've reported similar &, eventually, they "fell-off-the-list" (after 12 months) without TomTom taking any action!! I don't bother any more!!
  • Megalos
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    For most reports, they get processed in days/weeks. For speed limit reports, this indeed seems to take much longer.
  • pooky2483
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    So why do TomTom offer a service yet don't even bother backing it up with results?

    Could anyone from TomTom car e to answer this question?
  • baltutisTT
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    Tomtom ignore most reports, even supply photo evidences.
    For sample I live in new built area.
    Some neighbours moved in 2016, I moved in 2017 and latest Tomtom maps v.10.25 still don't show our address.
    Garmin maps show our address from summer 2018.
  • cbrfireblade
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    Totally agree guys. I live in Estepona on the costa del sol and reported map errors for estepona and marbella on mapshare and most of them said accepted and will be included on our next map update. Downloaded the map update of europe a couple of days ago and the changes are not included in the map update so yea why bother especially when tomtom say they work hard to make sure the maps are as up to date as possible. Now I cant even get onto mapshare I log in and the page says access rights validated but the page just keeps flashing on and off. If tomtom are not careful most people will switch over to Garmin.
  • ConstVoid6100
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    I reported a problem over 2 years ago. After about a year it got marked as accepted, or fixed - I can't remember as it has now disappeared from the mapshare website. But guess what - it's still not fixed on the latest map installed a few days ago.
  • Pipsr
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    I think the MapShare Reporter does not work any longer. I have been trying to connect to it for days now but all I get is a location in India and a comment asking for a report id number.