Complete inability to act on road closures

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Once again it seems that any road closures that you're unaware of to start with cannot be reported effectively. Junction 5 exit of M1 Northbound. Reported at midnight myself and again at 1am. Google knew about it at 11pm apparently. But as of 215 am it's still open as far as you're concerned. How hard is it to spot traffic ignoring a major road and a corresponding notification that it's closed? And don't give me any rubbish about construction traffic confusing your can't be hard to program the system to spot them. They start or finish at that road or very close by...or hang around inexplicably. Closures should only be cancelled out by traffic that is clearly through-traffic. It isn't hard to spot construction vehicles and how they behave differently.


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    Eventually you can use the topic and the template here when a report of a (temporary) road closure doesn't show up; be as detailed as possible.
    My experience is that - on working days - the closure is implemented within some hours.
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    As TomTom won't use TMC notifications temporary road closure notifications are hopeless.

    Don't get me started on mountain pass closures, in the real world they're closed to traffic, in the mad world of TomTom they see the road as traffic free and plans to uses that road.
    What's really hopeless is that the online route planner picks it up, TomTom nav' units won't.

    Same applies to temporary closures that are not manually added to a TT map, TT "sees" the closed road as traffic free and a therefore faster route.

    I've sent a few examples into TomTom, as expected no reply, classic ostrytch syndrome!!
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    Similar tonight, tried to take me down a closed road. Small residential road, but Google once again knows about it when I've checked a couple of hours later(appears to be overnight roadworks) but TomTom not only doesn't know about it but lists non existent roadworks with single alternate line traffic lights as being at one end. The roadworks listed on the maps are almost always wrong and meaningless anyway. How hard is it to have a software change with a button to tap to tell them a road is closed. Similar to the speed camera report button. Or be proactive...if someone ignores an indicated turn, ask if the road was closed. Just like it asks if a temporary camera is still there. Traffic and directions is ALL you do, but Google beats you every time. TomTom will usually spot a road reopened quicker. But half the time it doesn't know at all. It's like they're not even trying to avoid oblivion and people switching to their mobiles.
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    Agreed. Absolutely hopeless. Road closures in Kingston at the moment but TomTom don't recognise it. Come back Waze or google maps. All is forgiven
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    We experienced the same problem with a road closure not updated in our TomTom device.
    It is the Manawatu Gorge road in New Zealand which has been closed since a large slip on the 24th of April 2017.
    We did manage a work around but it does make you wonder just how much confidence you can place in your TomTom having up to date maps.
    Having made that comment I could help by connecting my device more regularly to my computer for updates.
    However after a road trip of 1950 kms our TomTom was invaluable and a asset.