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Synch from MyDrive to TomTom Start 52

Hi, I've got a Start 52 and in MyDrive I've added 3 new routes. I connected my TomTom to my laptop and it synched 2 of the routes but not the 3rd route. Since then I've spent 2 days trying lots of different things and looking for help on website, but can't work out how to get it to synch properly. Since then (as an experiment) I've deleted a route on the device hoping that it would synch and put that route back on. But nothing I do will make it synch again. I'd be grateful for any help, thanks, Dee


  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 9,330 Superuser
    edited February 21
    Have you activated this on all your routes?iafv82f7bn0e.jpg
  • Dee72Dee72 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    I've done it :)
    In MyDrive I clicked 'Edit route' then saved it, then 'Save' then the button next to "Synch this route as a track with my Devices" I turned it off and then back on again, then clicked 'Save'.
    Hope this information helps someone else. Dee
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