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This discussion with TomTom today;

Hello Kuldeep,

Thank you very much for your service and attempt to have my watch replaced free of charge.

I now understand why TomTom only put a 6 month warranty on replacement watches because they don't last very long. TomTom know they are junk...

It's really disappointing a piece of expensive electronics can only last for 1 to 2 years maximum. TomTom should sell them for $10 each. This is all they are worth if you have to replace them all the time...

I guess I now have to buy a new running watch? Correct?

I won't be buying another TomTom, that's for sure! I will be telling all my friends at my running club how unreliable this TomTom watch is...

Very disappointing!

Nothing personal to you Kuldeep but I would be looking for another job if I was you. TomTom products are garbage...

Kindest regards,

Your very unhappy customer,



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    Since TT Sports went out of business well over a year ago and ceased all production and development (for much of the reasons you mentioned), threatening to not buy another watch is really an empty threat. Time to let it go and move onto another brand that is active in the industry and plans to stay there (which really means Garmin).