Broken Screen Tom Tom Spark 3 Music

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Hi There

I am a bit at a loss of words. I have a Tom Tom Spark 3 Music and yesterday the screen smashed (not the LCD, just the glass) after I did a sync, removed it from my PC and it dropped on the floor. I use the device on a daily and really love everything about it (Even if I have had to replace the strap 2 times). Obviously I want to replace the glass... I was informed by Tom Tom South Africa that I must replace the whole watch as they do not really do the repairs and its too expensive anyway.

I purchased this device 18months ago at a cost of R 3,800.00

Can someone please help with this query as I find it really sad that Tom Tom can so easily dismiss a customer taking into consideration that this is my second device based on the quality of my first multi-sport watch.



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    TomTom does not offer a repair service, they will replace the device, for free if it is under warranty (assuming the damage is not broken glass or other user caused damage) or possibly for a fee otherwise (not recommended as TT Sports went out of business well over a year ago and the watches are a dead product). The person you spoke to is correct, you can either replace the whole watch or go with another brand, which is the better idea as TT Sports is long out of the watch business.

    To go the replacement route you need to contact Support to get the process started and find out what your options are. To get in touch with Customer Support, choose Contact Us at the bottom of this page, select the service required and the product name and click Contact Customer Care and then Email Us or Chat (there is no longer phone support available for watches).