Spark 3 music player freezes when using the "quick" pair with bluetooth headset

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I've just bought a JBL Endurance DIVE Bluetooth headset and initially it pairs fine with the watch (the long 5-10 second pairing), to the point where I can play and pause music without any issues.

But when I reconnect the headset to the watch (1-2 seconds "quick" pairing), the music player freezes and does not respond to input. There's no music playback and the music timer does not count down.

I can press play/pause/forward on the headset and nothing happens on the watch until I go to the main view (press down) and back into the music player (press up) -- then the headset/music note icon has either toggled or the song title has changed to next song, but still no music playback.

Does anyone have any idea of what to do here?

Thanks in advance!


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    I have same issue now with my Runner 2 Cardio+Music.
    Were you able to solve the issue?